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This Page is dedicated in memory  of my father, 
Wolodymyr Golash

Wishing everyone a safe and Merry Ukrainian Christmas!!!

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In 1990, Andriy Milavsky formed a group called 
Cheres,  which performs music from the Carpathian mountains.The most recent recording by Cheres is called "From the Mountains to the Steppe - Village Music of Ukraine." You can also hear him on new Smithsonian Folkways recording, "New York City: Global Beat of the Boroughs." 

To listen to the 15 minute interviiew on Real Audio, click on below link
or go directly to the "Next Big Thing" Website address listed below.
Be sure to write and thank WNYC for their interest in popularizing Ukrainian music. 
                        Caryn Havlik 
                   Cultural Content Producer, Interactive Media 
                                WNYC Radio 
                               T (212) 380-4033 
                              Fax. (212) 553-0681 

Credit also goes to Mike Reshitnyk for wonderfull photo he took last year 
at Verchovyna, during celebration of CYM's 50th anniversary, this can be viewed at tha  link below,
We would like to thank WNYC Radio New York from the national show 
"The Next Big Thing"  (

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