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Hero of Ukraine
Gareth Jones

This section includes articles regarding the campaign to revoke Walter Duranty's 1932 Pulitzer Prize" 
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UKEMONDE Web Site on 
Ukrainian Famine 1932-1933 
I will remember

Commentary pegged to Chernomyrdin's 
refusal to apologize for Holodomor 
From: Peter Borisow 
Courtesy of  E-Poshta

Chernomyrdin: Russia won't apologize 
for Great Famine
Kyiv Post
August 6, 2003
Duranty's Deception
by John Berlau
 Insight on the News
July 7, 2003

Pulitzer-Winning Lies  - After 70 years a Pulitzer 
committee is reexamining Walter Duranty's Stalin 
whitewashes in the New York Times.
The Daily Standard 
by Arnold Beichman 
June 12, 2003
Shame of Duranty's Pulitzer 
by Martin Sieff, 
UPI Senior News Analyst
A Tale of Two Journalists: 
Walter Duranty, Gareth Jones, and the Pulitzer Prize
by James Mace 
The Day, 15 July 2003

It's time journalism's 'greatest liar' lost his prize
The Gazette, Montreal 
By Lubomyr Luciuk
Thursday, May 1, 2003
Some Record
 by: Phil Brennan
Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2002

Ukrainians demand Pulitzer be revoked
The Globe & Mail
By Victor Malarek
Friday, May 2, 2003

Stalin's apologist : Walter Duranty,
the New York Times man in Moscow
by S.J. Taylor, 
(New York : Oxford University Press, 1990)


Stalin's Starvation of Ukraine – Seventy Years Later, 
World Still Largely Unaware Of Tragedy 
By Askold Krushelnycky, 
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Times Still Backs 'Greatest Liar' Reporter
Phil Brennan,
                     Monday, May 19, 2003



 Campagne pour l'annulation du Prix Pulitzer d?cern? ? Walter Duranty en 1932 !
(par Taras) Ukraine Europe (Le premier site francophone consacr? ?  l'Ukraine

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Pages created by:
Mike Reshitnyk from Quebec City

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Ukrainian Golf  Across Canada Page (UGAC)

The UGAC, main goal is to inform 
Canadian golfers of  Ukrainian decent about golf tournaments being held across Canada.  There is also a  link to the next Ukrainian World Golf Challenge III to be held  in Hawaii, October  2003. >>more



The Traditional Ukrainian Egg 
L'Oeuf traditionnel ukrainien/
Lovingly handmade by: Louise Labbe 
and Mike Reshitnyk

Today, to offer a Pysanka as a gift is a veritable gesture of  friendship and love. 
A Ukrainian legend says, that as long as there is someone who "writes" Pysankas, the world will  continueto exist . .  >>more
Tammy Lee Shewchuk / 
Proud to be Ukrainian

The Ukrainian community of Montreal was very blessed to have a visit with Tammy Lee Shewchuk, at Ukrainian Saturday School this past Saturday, April 6, 2002.   >>more
Ukrainian Easter Basket Blessing

Montreal's Ukrainian Community's Blessing of the Paska  and Easter  Baskets Holy Saturday, April 14,  2001   >>more


Ukrainian Saturday School in honor of
Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky

Ridna Shkola at the Church of Uspenia 
Bozoji  Materi existed from 1950-1973. 
In 1973, the school became independent 
from the church and  took on the name of Metropolitan Andrei Sheptycky. >>more
Montreal's Ukrainian Community 

Today, Montreal's Ukrainian community is well respected and  well integrated within mainstream Quebecois society, and their presence and respect is reflected with pride by the various place  and street names found within the Greater Montreal region. >>more


In Memory of the late 
Roman Olynyk Rakhmanny

It was widely reviewed and
critics noted that the body of
Rakhmanny’s writings enriches 
“the theory and practice of world 
journalism, and is an instrument forresearching  life and predicting 
the development of socio-political
thought  in the contemporary world.” 
For this work in  March, 1994, Roman Rakhmanny received Ukraine’s highest award, the ShevchenkoState Prize. 
Community Photos

You are cordially invited to browse through these pages to experience the vitality of Montreal's Ukrainian community, to perhaps renew old acquaintances, or for those who attended these events, simply to stroll down memory lane.   >>more



Hryhoriy Hlady - Main Role in the movie "Undefeated"( Film About Heroic Life of
Roman Shukhevych / Taras Chuprynka)

Captain Roman Shukhevych, escaped and later became Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Insurgent  Army (UPA). 
He headed the Ukrainian underground 
until his death in a battle  wth Soviet 
MVD troops  in March 1950, near Lviv. >>more

Montreal Ukrainian Festival 2002

Pictures taken by Mike Reshitnyk from Quebec City of the Montreal Ukrainian Festival 2002 held Saturday, September 7th 2002 at Parc de l'Ukraine
Disinformation on
Ukraine's Freedom Fighters

One of the most famous opposition leaders during and after the Second World War
was Stepan Bandera.  The aim of the Bandera was to gain  independence for Ukraine.   Bandera's name became synonymous with Ukrainian nationalism during the Soviet era.  >>more


Summit of the Americas

The purpose: More than 9,000 delegates from 34 countries in  North, South and Central America, members of the Organization  of American States, met as part of the continuing talks toward an agreement on a Free Trade Area of the Americas, lowering trade barriers throughout the Western Hemisphere. >>more
Sport Association "Ukraina" of Montreal

We invite you to visit the SA URAINA Web site to relive the glory of days gone by and 
        also see the continuation of a proud tradition of Ukrainian soccer in Montreal.
In 1990, Andriy Milavsky formed a group called Cheres,  which performs music from the Carpathian mountains. The most recent recording by Cheres is called "From the Mountains to the Steppe - Village Music of Ukraine." You can also hear him on new Smithsonian Folkways recording, "New York City: Global Beat of the Boroughs."more >>
Ukrainian Churches in Montreal

Listing of Ukrainian Churches in Montreal region.  Also links to other related sites.  >>more
Links to other Montreal 
Ukrainian related Web sites
Links to other Ukrainian sites that have some tie to Montreal or people living in Montreal.

To view more information about Ukrainian Community Events
to be held in Montreal region,
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Courtesy of Ukrainian Time

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