Family Golash

    The Golash family name is very well know in the Berezhany region of Ukraine.  Members of the Golash families bravely enlisted and fought for it's country so that Ukraine could break away from it's many oppressors.  They partook in the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), as well as enlisting with the Divisia Halychyna.  During this adverse period in Ukraine's history, the Bolsheviks, Germans, Poles, all were trying to take a piece of this rich borderland (Ukraine) and to exploit the Ukrainian people, as was the case fore many hundreds of years before. Members of the Golash family who did not fight against the enemy, ended up being persecuted, killed off or sent off to Siberian labor camps by having connection with the Golash family name.
    Like so many other families throughout Ukraine who sacrificed all they had for the fight, to see a free independent Ukraine, this 
history has many tragedies to tell as well as many triumphs.  Just the thought of giving up one's life for a just cause is very hard 
to imagine, even today for so many people. 
    We see this still happening today in far away places such as Chechnya, the Balkans, Trans-Dniester region.  These events are not affecting us or our families directly, but we should ponder and pray for the souls of the heroes who were willing to sacrifice their lives too have the right to live freely in their home country without any oppressors controlling their destiny. 
    Our fore fathers, the brave Ukrainian freedom fighters (UPA) sacrificed their lives so that we can live in freedom, something so many of us take for granted today.  
    We shall never forget these sacrifices and we celebrate their eternal memory and their heroic exploits that these brave freedom fighters had to persevere though, during the trying conditions of the Second World War which was one of the most trying periods in Ukraine's history.

Salvia Ukraini, Slava Heroiam!

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