Canadian Tour - April 18 - May 3, May 22 – 26, 2008

Keep the Flame Alive

Holodomor FlameAn International Remembrance Flame to raise awareness of the 75th anniversary of the Ukrainian genocide known as Holodomor, or extermination by famine, and to gain formal Canadian and international recognition of this atrocity arrives in (Winnipeg on Sunday, April 20.)

The Flame tour honors the estimated 10 million Ukrainian men, women and children who were subjected to starvation and death in 1932 -33 by the communist regime of Joseph Stalin as part of his effort to eradicate Ukraine as a country

The Flame, visiting 33 countries, arrived in Canada from Australia on April 18.

The Canadian journey of the Flame entitled Keep the Flame Alive is being organized by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine. Events will honour the victims of this horrific tragedy while ensuring that the story of the Holodomor is passed along from generation to generation.

Keep the Flame Alive will also launch a national campaign urging the Canadian government to recognize the Holodomor as an act of genocide.

The Flame will be escorted throughout Canada by Holodomor survivor and Toronto resident, 87-year-old Stefan Horlatsch.

The International Holodomor Remembrance Flame will visit the following Canadian centres: Winnipeg, Yorkton, Regina, Saskatoon, North Battleford, Vegreville, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

International Holodomor Remembrance Flame in Canada

Stefan Horlatsch — is a survivor of the Ukrainian Famine-Genocide, the Holodomor. He will escort the International Holodomor Remembrance Flame across Canada marking the 75th anniversary of the Holodomor. In cooperation with the Ukrainian World Congress, Ukrainian Canadian Congress and Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this torch will travel from Canada to 32 other countries, ending its journey in Ukraine.

April 18 Toronto, ON – 6:00PM at Toronto City Hall
Contact person Irena Mycak (416) 763-7029 (
April 20 Winnipeg, Man – 2:30PM at City Hall
Contact person Lesia Szwaluk (204) 470-4095 (
April 28 Yorkton, SASK – 7:00 PM at City Centre Park
Contact person Merle Maximiuk (306) 783-7323 (
or Danylo Puderak (306) 652-5850 (
April 29 Regina, SASK – 12:00 at Saskatchewan Legislative Building
Contact person Orest Warnyca (306) 584-0501 (
or Eugene Krenosky (306) 584-5267 (
April 29 Saskatoon, SASK– 7:00PM at Saskatoon City Hall
Contact person Slawko Kindrachuk (306) 653-1733 (
or Al Kachkowski (
or Audrey Langhorst (
or Danylo Puderak (306) 652-5850 (
April 30 North Battleford, SASK – 12:00 at North Battleford City Hall
Contact person Paul Kardynal (306) 446-0283 (
or Danylo Puderak (306) 652-5850 (
April 30 Vegreville, AB – 8:00PM at the Pysanka monument
Contact person Natalia Toroshenko (780) 632-7430.
May 2 Red Deer, AB - High School 9:15AM
Contact: Oksana McIntyre (403) 340-8504
May 2 Calgary, AB – Evening. Time and location TBC
Contact person Michael Ilnycky (403) 998-5109 (
May 3 Edmonton, AB – 9:30AM Alberta Legislature Building (north side)
Contact UCC Alberta Provincial Council (780) 414-1624
or Daria Luciw (780) 718-4739 (
May 22 Niagara, ON - TBA
Contact person Marika Diakow (905) 935-5186 (
May 23 Toronto, ON - TBA
Contact person Eugene Yakovitch (416) 487-5002
or Irena Mycak (416) 763-7029 (
May 23 Windsor, ON - TBA
May 24 Hamilton, ON - TBA
Contact person Olya Sheweli (905) 523-8068 (
or Luba Petliura (905) 643 0585 (
May 24 Montreal, PQ - TBA
Contact person Yarema Kelebay (514) 488-3989 (
or Marika Putko (
May 26 Ottawa, ON - TBA
Contact person Borys Sirskyj (613) 842-1398 (
or Julia Woychyshyn (

For further information on Canadian Holodomor commemorations contact:

Iryna Mycak, Chair National Holodomor Ukrainian Canadian Congress
416.919.6566 /

Ostap Skypnyk,
Executive Director Ukrainian Canadian Congress
204.942.4627 ext 306

Ukrainian parliament recognizes Soviet-era famine as genocide

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