INTENT OF STALIN REGIME - Ukrainians in Canada

November 04, 2008


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From left: Prof. Vladyslav Werstiuk (vice president Ukrainian Institute of National Memory), Dr. Ihor Yukhnovskyj (president Ukrainian Institute of National Memory), Yurij Luhovy (Producer/Director of Genocide Revealed).

Montreal - To mark the 75th anniversary of the 1932-33 famine-genocide in Soviet Ukraine, a new Canadian documentary film is being made by award-winning Montreal filmmaker Yurij Luhovy, member of the Canadian Film and Television Academy.

Tentatively titled “Genocide Revealed”, the documentary is based on newly-released archive material revealing the genocidal intent of Stalin’s man-made famine; interviews with various historians and specialists in famine research; and survivors in Ukraine. The documentary will capture the broad scope of Stalin’s policies aimed at destroying Ukrainians as a nation.

This feature-documentary, scheduled to be released this November, is endorsed by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (National), the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Federation, the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Center and the Prosvita Cultural Association, Lachine, Quebec.

Pre-production for the film began in February of this year. Coordinated from Montreal, advance locations for shooting were set up at various famine-affected areas in Eastern Ukraine. With the assistance of a Ukrainian crew, the Canadian production team shot the film this May and June interviewing many survivors, including survivors near the Ukraine-Russia border. Without prior notice, the crew was welcomed in the Donetsk region with traditional bread and salt. Villagers thanked the Canadians for documenting this atrocity in the name of the millions that starved to death.

The film crew included camera persons Istan Rozumny and Adriana Luhova, driver Volodymyr Bandura, pre-production coordinator Nina Lapchynska and producer-director Yurij Luhovy. Working ten to fourteen hour days, including weekends, over 3,500 kilometers were traveled, covering a wide range of affected areas. The result is over forty hours of exceptional material, which is now in post-production.

Start-up grants which enabled the shooting of “Genocide Revealed” to proceed were made by Caisse Populaire Ukrainienne Desjardins and the Ukrainian National Federation in Montreal, the Markian Shashkevych Institute in Winnipeg, the Ukrainian Foundation of British Columbia, and the Ukrainian Youth Association (SUM) of Montreal. Recent support has been received from Prosvita Cultural Association, Lachine, Quebec, the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women in Oshawa, Dr. Walter Lebedin of Winnipeg, and the Shevchenko Foundation.

Well-acquainted with the material dealing with the famine-genocide, Yurij Luhovy stated: “A new documentary on the famine-genocide has been long overdue. This film will serve as a much-needed educational resource for courses in genocide studies, for the teaching of the famine-genocide in Canadian and American schools and universities, as well as to further public awareness world-wide”.

For his accomplishments, Mr. Luhovy received, in May of this year, the Presidential Order of Ukraine III category.
To help support the completion of this project, financial assistance is required. Cheques may be made out to: La Maison de Montage Luhovy Inc., Re: “Genocide Revealed” film (at bottom) and mailed to: La Maison de Montage Luhovy Inc., 2330 Beaconsfield ave., Montreal, Quebec, H4A 2G8.

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