St Petersburg Times
Medvedev Hits Out at Ukraine

<>June 24, 2008
By Denis Dyomkin


BREST, Belarus --- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev condemned on Sunday
what he described as attempts to rewrite wartime history --- an attack
the Kremlin said was aimed at Ukraine and the three Baltic states.
[ . . ]

Meeting in the Belarussian town of Brest, where Nazi forces first
crossed the Soviet border on June 22, 1941, the two leaders said that "a
selective, politicised approach to history should be set against honest,
scientific debate."

"Only on this basis can Europe draw the lessons of history and avoid a
tragic repetition of the errors of the past."

"This declaration is indeed a reaction to the actions of the countries
in the Baltic and Ukraine, in which recently there has been the
rehabilitation of the SS Halychyna division," the Kremlin spokesman told
Reuters. "In other countries, Britain for example, Nazi criminals are
arrested, not justified."

Russia has chided Ukraine for taking steps since the mid-1990s to grant
some form of recognition as combatants to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army
(UPA), guerrillas who fought both Nazi and Soviet troops to secure an
independent state.