August 3, 1999

The Subcommittee of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, National, dealing with the recognition of the
Soviet Ukraine Famine, supports ongoing efforts for the creation of a Canadian Museum devoted to the
commemoration of crimes against humanity in which the Ukrainian Genocide will be honoured.

Sarkis Assadourian, MP from Brampton, whose Bill C-479 was supported by UCC across Canada has
launched a post-card writing campaign aimed at getting the government to establish a Museum of

The all inclusive Museum, based on Bill C-479, is to be devoted to crimes committed against humanity in
the 20th century and to reflect Canada's Multicultural makeup. "It is designed to build unity between all
communities in Canada. We need Canadians to continue telling the government that an all inclusive
Museum is our wish by signing and mailing the post cards," he said.

"We see an announcement of the Museum in the Speech from the Throne and a subsequent allocation
of funds as a way of fast-tracking the initiative," said Oksana Bashuk Hepburn, member of the

UCC has worked to ensure that the Great Famine, which destroyed about 10 million people, be treated
with the dignity and respect that it deserves. "Senior Ottawa advisers have told us that the government
is seeking to make a response to the efforts we have put into seeking inclusion. By announcing the
establishment of the Museum of Reconciliation in the Throne Speech, the government would be
indicating it's seriousness. "

The Speech from the Throne, to be read sometimes in September is the government's action plan. "We
will support this initiative", said Marika Szkembara, President of UCC Toronto. "The government received
over fifty thousand post cards asking for the establishment of an inclusive Museum. This new post card
asks that the Museum be placed on its agenda. We would like to see that happen soon."

The post cards are available throughout Canada. If you do not have one, call your MP to register your
support for the Museum of Reconciliation or 1 613 996 2853 for the listing.

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