What's needed is a "Year of Ukraine in Ukraine"
From: Marta D. Olynyk m.olynyk@sympatico.ca
Article published in E-Poshta, March 1, 2003

  Hryhorii Partychenko, a resident of the city of Konotop, wrote a letter to the editor of Krymska Svitlytsia, commenting
  on an item that appeared in the 31 January 2003 issue of this Ukrainian newspaper. The item was the text of a speech 
  made by Lysenko, a deputy of the Russian Parliament, on the occasion of celebrations marking the tenth anniversary of 
  the "Russian community of Sevastopil." Here are excerpts of his letter, abridged and translated (MDO), which appeared
  in the 21 February 2003 issue of Krymska Svitlytsia:

                      "How much longer will such 'politicians" be allowed to voice and
                      conduct anti-Ukrainian propaganda [and make] territorial claims?!
                      Why doesn't Russian Deputy Lysenko first go to China and
                      'resolve the most complex task: the return of Port Arthur to
                      Russia?' Where is the SBU looking and what is it doing, led by
                      courageous generals? [...] Mr. Lysenko says that he has no desire
                      to 'quarrel with Ukraine,' but give Sevastopil back. In Ukraine we
                      have a funny folk saying. Simple Ivan says: 'I'm not going to argue,
                      I'll just give you a punch in the nose and then go away.'

                      This is how all sorts of Lysenkos come, spit in the face of the
                      entire state, and then reap political dividends. We have our own
                      who also spit into the soul of Ukraine, like those caretakers of
                      ancients wines in "Maharach," who give interviews to Russian TV
                      and say: "Russian wines are found on the territory of a foreign
                      state." But does that lady know how much Ukrainian property may
                      be found on the territory of a foreign state?

                      Thus, after such remarks, I think it would be better to organize not
                      a Year of Russia in Ukraine but a Year of Ukraine in Ukraine, and
                      to take a lesson from the Belarusian president on how to deal with
                      such Russian deputies: put him on the next train and--back to

                      I suggest the following: erect a monument to the victims of the
                      Famine-Genocide [holodomor] on the spot of Lenin's monument in
                      Kyiv and thus put an end to Ukraine's shame before the whole
                      world. Preserving a monument to the executioner of Ukraine on
                      Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, as well as holding a Year of Russia
                      in Ukraine on the 70th anniversary of the famine of 1933 is very
                      'beautiful and symbolic.'"

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