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This page gives links on the web to other pysanky web pages
which is maintained by Dr. Myron Hlynka, Dept. of Math.& Stat., 
University of Windsor,
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  1. How To Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs, by Ann Morash. This is an excellent site.
  2. Ukrainian Egg-Cessories (Gloria and Michael Olynyk). Pysanky for sale. Pysanky supplies for sale. Photos.
  3. Haras Crafts (Moreen Haras). Pysanky for sale.
  4. 1st Class Pysanky (Moreen Haras). Pysanky, pysanky mouse pads, coaster and pysanky fridge magnets.
  5. The Pysanka page of Mike Reshitnyk and Louise Labbe. Meet some of my friends in Quebec City and see their pysanky. While visiting this page, take a look at the Montreal Ukrainian Canadian community web page, ukemonde, where the pysanka page is housed.
  6. Ukrainian Easter Eggs. (Edmonton). Good description of process. Designs.
  7. The Vegreville, Alberta, Giant Easter Egg Monument

    Photo 1
    Photo 2
    Photo 3
    Photo 4
    The Story of the Vegreville Pysanka
    About the Vegreville Pysanka Festival
    The Vegreville Pysanka Festival website
    Vegreville Home Page


  8. Recreational Geometry Site
    There is a mathematical method which makes egg like surfaces and the results have been dubbed "Ukrainian Eggs."
  9. Ukrainian Easter Egg Links from Infoukes
    If I had known about the Infoukes site before I started this page, I would not have bothered. There is also a link to the "Golden Pysanka" by John Romanation.
  10. Helen: Pysanky
    There is an interesting demo here.
  11. Sofia Zielyk's Pysanky. Photos. Book for sale.
  12. Mk-san's Ukrainian Easter Egg Page (Japan). Photos.
  13. Pysanka Hall at Eggers University
  14. Goose Eggs by Ginny. (Ginny Barkman) Pysanky for sale. Photos.
  15. Ukrainian Eggs. Pysanky for sale. Photos.
  16. All Things Ukrainian. Photos. This site sells Ukrainian folk items including pysanky.
  17. Shizabi Gallery: Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Pysanky and other Ukrainian art for sale. Photos.
  18. Barbara Curington Designs. Pysanky for sale. Photos.
  19. Kit's Ukrainian Eggs (Kit Lennon). Pysanky for sale.
    Composite photos at
  20. Pysanka Ukrainian Eggs by Adriana. Photos. Pysanky for sale. Nice choice of URL name!
  21. Brownie's Bazaar (Karen Bennett). Pysanky and supplies and books for sale.
  22. Howe Creations (Gwen Howe). Pysanky for sale. Photos.
  23. Eggsquisite Designs. Pysanky for sale.
  24. Eggs-quisite (Barbara Bosco). Pysanky for sale.
  25. Natalie Gillihan Handmade Eggs. Pysanky for sale.
  26. John's Ukrainian Egg Page. Pysanky for sale. Photos.
  27. Ukrainian Gifts and Collectibles. Pysanky for sale.
  28. WorldCrafts Virtual Craft Gallery. Pysanky for sale.
  29. Baba's Beeswax (Joan Brander). Pysanky supplies and books for sale.
  30. Crafter's Haven. Pysanky supplies for sale.
  31. Bill Yakowenko's Pysanka Page
  32. Soutwest Arizona Pysanky
  33. Pysanky at New York's Ukrainian Museum
  34. BRAMA web site pysanky
  35. Surma (New York) Ukrainian Store Pysanky. Pysanky and supplies for sale.
  36. Hanusey's (in Philadelphia). Supplies, pysanky for sale.
  37. Ukrainian Pysanky Color Designs
  38. Pysanka. Ukrainian Egg "Painting" by Cathy.
  39. About Pysanky - Ukrainian Eggs
  40. Roy's Pysanky Page
  41. Nadia's Pysanky
    This site advertises a pysanky video for sale.
  42. Trudi LaFlair's Pysanky Page
  43. Steve's Pysanky Eggs
  44. Ukrainian Bookstore (Edmonton). Pysanky supplies and books for sale.
  45. Non Stop New York Pysanky. Good article. Designs.
  46. Polish Art Centre (Hamtramck/Detroit). Pysanky supplies for sale.
  47. Jean's Ukrainian Easter Eggs. (Jean Doran Matua, California).
  48. Pysanky. From AC Current magazine.
  49. A Pysanky Primer (John Righetti)
  50. Egg Callery: Krista Van Laan (Finland).
  51. Cadbury Chocolate (United Kingdom). Photo of Ukrainian pysanky. Text is poor. For example. "Eastern countries such as the Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia itself, Hungary and Poland have strong traditions of egg decorations."
  52. Pysanky: Oksana Iljazenko
  53. Ukrainian Easter Egg Supplies: Concord Mousetrap. Pysanka supplies for sale.
  54. Pysanky: Description
  55. Symbolism of the Ukrainian Easter Egg, excerpt from the book "The Art of the Pysanka," by Sofia Zielyk.
  56. Brenda's Ukrainian Eggs (Brenda Novodvorsky).
  57. Treasures Gallery.
  58. Carpatho-Rusyn Pysanky Symbols
  59. Canada Vignettes: Easter Eggs. A listing of a 3 minute film on three generations of Ukrainian Canadian pysanky artists.
  60. Pysanka Tutorial. No photos.
  61. Storonskij's Easter Eggs. One photo.
  62. Gene's Ukrainian Eggs. One photo.
  63. Making Pysanky (Kristin Holodak). Demo.
  64. Pysanka Kits. Etna, Calif.
  65. Deb's Pysanka Cross Stitch Pattern. Nice.
  66. Pysanka Designs by Linda (Jonestown, PA). Photos. Pysanka for sale.
  67. Pysanka - Icon of the Spring. Article by Rowan Fairgrove.
  68. Jim's Pysanky. Photos. Nice.
  69. Pysanky.

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