Letter re: Ukrainian position on Internment reparations
Courtesy of E-Poshta

Many of you will already have received our postcards calling upon the Pulitzer Prize Committee to posthumously revoke
Walter Duranty's prize on the grounds of his duplicitous reporting about conditions within the Soviet Union, particularly
during the politically engineered Great Famine of 1932-33 in Soviet Ukraine.
Please join us in this international campaign by filling in, signing and posting your card(s) on or after but not before
May Day  (1st May) 2003.

If you need more cards please let me know.

In order to attract media attention to this campaign may I suggest that each of you, in your own respective cities, contact your own local or regional newspaper and (a) inform them about the campaign (b) offer to introduce them to a local famine survivor who can speak to the horrors of this genocidal famine (c) point out that a local person can be photographed completing or posting the card, which is a good photo opportunity (d) underscore that this is a local story with national and international connections. The local reporter(s) can also contact the Pulitzer Prize Committee (we provide their full mailing address and the email) for their reaction to the campaign (but this should not happen until at least the end of the first week in May, allowing for the cards to begin arriving in New York).

It is up to each of us in our respective cities, provinces, states and countries to attract local media attention and, by doing so, remind the world of this Soviet crime against humanity, thus also hallowing the memory of the many millions of victims during this year, the 70th anniversary of this horror.

Thanks for your anticipated help. UCCLA will post a Media Release and related materials on our web site (www.uccla.ca) on May Day and thereafter, so if stories appear in your local newspapers please do send email them with full reference details to info@uccla.ca and we will arrange to have them posted in our Great Famine section in due course.


L Y Luciuk
Director of Research, UCCLA
e-mail: info@uccla.ca