The Ukrainian Experience
in Quebec

Ukrainian Musical Life In Montreal:
Special Characteristics
By: Claudette Berthiaume-Zavada
Translated by Daniel S. Drapeau


   While traveling in 1988 in South-East Poland through the Lemko region which is inhabited by Ukrainians, in the city of Bielanka, where we were conducting research on Carpathian music, we were pleasantly surprised to here a Ukrainian melody, composed, played and recorded by Ukrainian Montrealers.  Our host, Yaroslav Trochanowsky, had been on a recent North American tour and had brought back this recording by the Cheremshyma group.

    Surprised by this "pleasant mix of traditional and modern styles," Mr. Trochanowsky appreciated the quality of this trio and the unique style of its arrangements.  He also seemed impressed by the Ukrainian musical production which he had heard during his visit to Montreal in 1987.

    Members of Cheremshyna, moreover feel that this particular style could probably not have been created in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton or New York and was in part the result of the distinct cultural environment to be found in Montreal and Quebec.

    This raises the question:  What is it about the Ukrainian musical production in Montreal that distinguishes it from that of other Canadian cities where Ukrainians have settled?  What are the factors that have made for uniqueness and originality in this musical product?   

This article written by Claudette-Berthiaume-Zawada

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