Cheremshyna Ensemble

Cheremshyna Ensemble Over the years, the Cheremshyna Ensemble has performed extensively for Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian audiences alike, demonstrating that the beauty of Ukrainian song transcends language barriers and speaks directly to the listener’s heart.  The Ensemble has cultivated a following of listeners of all ages, and has traveled widely throughout Canada and the United States, giving countless performances, at major festivals and cultural events.  Cheremshyna has had the honour of singing for such notable dignitaries as the Prime Minister of Canada, the Governor-General, and several ambassadors.  In addition, the state Senate of Illinois adopted a resolution commending Cheremshyna for their “energy, talent and dedication to their heritage”.

Cheremshyna’s repertoire includes a variety of music, from expressive a capella renditions and invigorating rhythmic folk songs, to original compositions.  The Ensemble’s five recordings are heard around the world and their popularity led to the selection of Cheremshyna as “ Favourite Ensemble in North America” at the First Contemporary Music Awards, honouring outstanding achievement in the Ukrainian recording industry.  In Kyiv, the editor of a Ukrainian cultural journal wrote the following about Cheremshyna: “We are enchanted by the gracefulness, that is to say - the Ensemble’s delicate interpretation of Ukrainian song - both traditional and contemporary.”

The Cheremshyna Ensemble from Montreal Quebec, is made up of three female vocalists:  Nadine Zwetkow (soprano), Claudia Melnyk (1st. Alto), and Lydia Ruditch (2nd. Alto).