LirnykSince their first appearance in December 2006 with Ukrainian choir Vidlunnya under thedirection of Dr. S. Lysogor, students of the School of  Bandura in Montreal extended an exceptional opportunity to promote Ukrainian music alongside the musical training of young artists. One of the main musical objectives of the group is to integrate centuries-old musical tradition of the Ukrainian folklore in contemporary forms of musical performance.

Led by the school’s founder Tatiana Navolska, young bandurists have participated in numerous concerts organised by the Ukrainian community in Montreal, as well as on the TV program Suzirja and on the radio program Ukrainian Time.

Lirnyk consists of three talented young performers, Arsen Hnatyuk, Zahar Prilutsky and Ivan Molodtsov.

Arsen began  his bandura studies in Kyiv, Ukraine, while Zahar and Ivan developed their interest in playing here in Montreal.