Misrepresentation of Ukrainian Musical Artists
as being Russian or Soviet

    Unfortunately through suppression and totalitarian domination by the communist dictatorship for over seventy years, many false and untrue issues were presented in the musical field as well as  other categories of endeavor.  Many great Ukrainian geniuses have been classified as Russian, but in fact they are Ukrainian born and should be recognized as being Ukrainian.  Listed below you will find many familiar names in the musical genre who have been misrepresented and which we will bring to light their true heritage and their true cultural identity.
    It must be understood that in the times of the Russian Empire and throughout the communist reign, to be classified as being Ukrainian was an insult.  The aristocracy recognized only people from the Russian class, which was considered being noble.  Ukrainian people were classified as peasants, people who labored and worked the land, thus to have any possible way of being recognized, you had to call yourself Russian, otherwise there was no chance of you being accepted or even heard from.  This forced many of our Ukrainian born artists to leave behind their true heritage and to call themselves Russian, just to be accepted in the mainstream of the cultural life.
    Times have changed and the Soviet domination has ended, and to be called Ukrainian isn't a bad thing anymore.  Many historians are finding out that many so called Russian artists were actually Ukrainian born.  This page will work on bringing to light the true facts that these great people actually come from a rich Ukrainian heritage.
    We are our own people now, we have our own identity, our own rich history which for many years has been classified as Russian or Soviet.  We have our own and independent country, called Ukraine.
Slava Ukraini, Slava Heroyam Ukraini!!!!

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