President`s wife sues member of parliament
[03.06.2008 18:05]

K. Yushchenko (way to go!!!)

Kateryna Yushchenko, wife of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, will sue member of parliament Leonid Hrach (the Communist Party faction) for his slanderous statements about the President’s family.

UNIAN was informed about it at the K.Yushchenko’s press-service.

“The slanderous statements of Leonid Hrach about me, force me, Kateryna Yushchenko, to bring suits to court, in order to defend my honor and dignity. I call on Ukrainian mass media to treat carefully dubious statements of some politicians, and, before disseminating and commenting on this information, to recall principles of objectivity and impartiality”, reads the statement of K.Yushchenko, forwarded to UNIAN by her spokesperson Natalia Butenko.

K.Yushchenko claimed she cannot keep calm observing L.Hrach making slanderous statements about her and her family. “On May 23 I gave Ukrainian mass media documents, which clearly indicate that I, Kateryna Yushchenko, am a citizen of one state – Ukraine, and that I refused from the citizenship of the United States of America. For those, who cast doubt upon this fact and demand additional proofs, I presented the Certificate on Deprivation of USA Citizenship. I’m upset with slanderous statements of some politicians, who do not choose methods of political struggle, and, seeking a personal revenge, do not disdain attacking the family and children. It is vexing that such statements were actively disseminated by Ukrainian and foreign mass media”, the statement reads.

The President’s wife also asks L.Hrach to explain interests of what state does he and the Communist Party defend when they call the Ukrainian Holodomor, the genocide of 1932-33, a “myth”, a “farfetched project”, and the efforts of the society and the state to commemorate the memory of 10 million victims of Holodomor – a “hysteria”, a “stone into the Russian-Ukrainian relations”, and an “immoral, cynic propaganda campaign”.