The Ukrainian Experience
in Quebec
1 Intro - Preface 
By: Alexander Biega 
2 Three Solitude's:  
A History of Ukrainians in Quebec 
By: Yarema Gregory Kelebay 
3 The Ukrainian Community in 
Val d'Dor- Bourlamaque, Quebec 
By: Myron Momryk 
4 Badly Treated in Every Way:  
The Interment of Ukrainians in  
Quebec During the First World War 
By: Peter Melnycky 
5 One Hundred Years of Ukrainian Life in Black Lake, Frontenac County, Quebec 
By: Francine Boulet 
6 Linguistic Choices Of Immigrant Students in the Montreal Catholic School Commission: 1930-1985 
By: Eugene Kruk 
7 The Greek Catholic Church in Montreal 
By: Nadia Wynnycky 
8 Living Roots: The Ukrainian Orthodox Hromada of St. Sophie By: Very Rev. Dr. Ihor Kutash 
9 Ukrainian Credit Cooperatives in Quebec 
By Jaroslaw Pryszlak 
10 The Ukrainian Women's Movement in Quebec 
By: Halyna Zmienko-Senyshyn 
11 Ukrainian Musical Life In Montreal:  
Special Characteristics 
By: Claudette Berthiaume-Zavada 
Translated by Daniel S. Drapeau 
12 Service to the Country:  
Ukrainian Canadian Participation in  
Canada's Wars 
By: Marian Lach and Brigadier-General Isidore Popowych, OMM, OSJ, CD and Brigadier-General Victor Pergat 
13 The World View of Ukrainians in Quebec - An Attempt at a Characterization 
By: Marko Antonovych 
14 About the Authors
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